Lunch & Q & A

  • Hearty! Lunch table d'hote! Weekly in more than 10 kinds available, you do not get bored customers.Also sold one coin bento for lunch.Please try once.

    • Fried food

      Approximately 780 yen

      Rice, sausage, soup, almond tofu is on.

      Classic blue pepper meat, chrysanthemum · marbow tofu etc will appear on the weekly basis.

    • noodles

      Approximately 780 yen

      Semi-fried rice / almond tofu is on.

      It appeared on the weekly basis from chashued noodles, tomato noodles, five season sennei yakisoba and so on.

  • We summarized that the frequently asked from Q & A customers.

    • Can you avoid Q1, lunch meeting?

      A, it should be vacant before 12 o'clock or 13 o'clock. It is free on rainy day as well. I will definitely become a seat if it gets crowded. I'm sorry.

      Q2 Can I eat the lunch menu even at night?

      A, you can eat. The price is the same.

      Q3 Can you buy a lunch anytime?

      A, it will be sold at the shop front from 11: 30-12: 30. Actually, I can buy it even after that. However, please be forewarned as there will be priority if the inside of the store is busy. By the way, if it is after 12:30, it will be reduced by 50 yen.

      Q4 Do you have any unlimited drinks?

      A, there is not. Because it is serious as a lot of Mr. Ukama will visit us.

    • Q5 Can I use a card?

      A, visa and master can be used. Please note that it is limited to accounting of 5000 yen or more.

      Q6, Do you have anything else?

      A, that's not it. Please eat your favorite things.

      Q7 Is it possible to bring drinks?

      A, it is possible if you can drink as much as you want. Cakes etc are also possible in some cases. Please consult and look.

      Q8 Do you take a cancellation fee?

      A, I will not take it. However, it will be helpful if you contact cancellation and number of people properly.

      Q9, Why is there a Maiko Sichuan even though Cantonese cuisine?

      A, Cantonese cuisine is celebrated, but I will incorporate whatever I thought was delicious.

      Q10 Do you communicate in Japanese?

      A, I can communicate in general. The important thing is the heart trying to communicate!

      Q11 Do you have a long stay at a banquet?

      A, there is. You can stay until closing.

      If it is a 2 hour course it should be fine for about 20 minutes after the end.